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Post  ZEUS10 Sat Apr 18, 2009 4:09 pm

The word random in English is usually translated in Albanian as:

English (2 entries.) Shqip (2 hyrje.)
i/e rastit

In Albanian dictionary exists a word rëndom(tosk), rândom(geg):

English (2 entries.) Shqip (2 hyrje.)
i/e rëndomtë
i/e rëndomtë

The dictionary ( I dont know for what reason) is missing the other meaning rëndom(alb)=random(english).
For example when we say in Albanian :'po bej nje bisede te rendomte' it doesn't neccessary all the time mean: I am making a vulgar conversation, but it could also mean: I am making a random conversation.
So rëndom(tosk) or random(geg) is not just a weak cognate with random in english, but means and looks 100% like the English word(random).
But contrary to the English word whose origin is discutible, the Albanian word derives from the adjective rëndë(tosk) rândë(geg)= heavy, vulgar, brutal, severe etc:

English (8 entries.) Shqip (8 hyrje.)
i/e rëndë
i/e vështirë, i/e rëndë
grave (adj)
serioz, i/e rëndë
rëndë (nd)
severe (adj)
i/e rëndë, serioz / serioze
rëndë (nd)
slog (n)
punë e rëndë
stomp (v)
eci rëndë, shkel (fprr shkela, shkelur)

How is that possible?
The explanation is that Albanian language(like many times called by us) is eventually the closest to the PIE language from all other IE languages.

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Post  Sykalter Sat Apr 18, 2009 8:18 pm

Although "random" in English is a French loan, the French loaned it from the Germanic Frankish language. The Proto-Germanic form is randa. Many linguists have a relatively closer connection between Germanic and Albanian than either language has with any other branch of IE. Gheg Albanian rândë and Proto-Germanic randa does look like a good match.

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