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Post  ZEUS10 Wed Mar 25, 2009 9:41 am

To the Greek propaganda hurts a lot, that the famous tribe of Suliotes are Albanians by ethnicity, and Greek orthodox ONLY by the religion.
Speculating with the term 'Greek' which at the time didn't indicate an ethnic affiliation but only a religious one, they try to convince the World, but mainly themselves, that Suliotes were nothing else but ethnic Greeks. Of course this unbased prospective has been released purposively for the opinion, because they want to fill a great handicap in the so called 'Greek Revolution" tale: the fact that NO GREEKS fought against Othoman Turks. The reason is quite simple: there was NO Hellenes around at that time, beside the Albanians, the other people like slavic, Greekspeaker Turks(an Othoman intelectual elite) had nothing to do at all to Hellenes. They, Orthodox Albanians formed the core of the future Hellenic nation. The most prominent among these ethnic Albanians were the Orthodox Sulliotes. Let's see who were the people the Sulliotes were fighting against:

From historian Nina Athanassoglu-Kallmeyer in her article Of Suliots, Arnauts, Albanians and Eugène Delacroix:

The Suliots were a mountainous population from the region of Epirus, in the northwest part of the Ottoman Empire. They were predominantly Muslims. Suliots were a Christian Albanian tribe which in the 18th century settled in the mountainous region area close to the town of Ioannina.

André Gerolymatos in his The Balkan Wars: Conquest, Revolution, and Retribution from the Ottoman Era to the Twentieth Century and Beyond(pg. 129):

The Suliots were a branch of the southern Albanian Tosks...

George Finlay(noted 19th century contemporary of the events) in his The History of Greece under Othoman and Venetian Domination pg: 328-329:

Her agents [Catherine of Russia's] were now instructed to rouse warlike Albanian tribes in Epirus and attack their Muslim neighbours. Their intrigues were successful with the Suliots... Instigated by the Russian emissaries, the Albanians of Suli quitted their barren and almost inaccessible mountains...

Brailsford, the British politician wrote this after his travels, Macedonia: Its Races and their future p. 222:
Both the Suliotes and Hydriotes were Albanians in blood, language, and customs. They were "Greeks" only in the sense that the Vlachs are "Greeks" — they belonged to the Orthodox Church, and if any of them possessed any culture at all, it was Greek culture. The Suliotes were a predatory tribe, rather better organised and more homogeneous than most Albanian septs, and their manners had not been softened by their nominal Christianity.

"Such were the people of Souli, Christian Albanians who were never fully subdued till 1803, when they were overcome by Ali of Joannina. This was a conquest of Christians by Mahometans ; but it was not a conquest of Christians by Turks. It was in truth a conquest of Albanians by Albanians. Ali was a cruel and faithless tyrant ; still he was not a Turk, but an Albanian ; he was a rebel against the Sultan, and he was so far an indirect friend of the Sultan's enemies."

Don't underestimating Greek propaganda even though the overhelming evidences we do have about this issue. Just publish them, the truth must stand above assisted by us, not spontaneously.

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