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Symbols of Egypt

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Symbols of Egypt Empty Symbols of Egypt

Post  AuLoNa Tue Apr 14, 2009 12:46 pm

There are very interesting symbols in Ancient Egypt, and some words which do relate or are similar with the ancient Albanian language. Greece was another country who had connection and similarities with Egypt before the Greek Hellenes occupyed the lands and island of the present Greece which had an ancient civilization and people called Pelasgians ( today's Albanians). Are the people who lived in Egypt some of these Ancient Pelasgians, because we find very interesting similarities in the symbols of the Ancient Egypt? The most famous one is the Vulture which was well known in Albanian myths as Bird of Prey and even that bird is still in the Albanian Flag. This bird is in the shape of a Falcon or Eagle in Egypt and in many European countries, where the Pelasgians have spread their colonies in East and West Europe. It seems that most of the Europeans are the ancient Pelasgians who have the remains of their language and original people in the present Etrucian and Albanian language, mythology and people. Albanian people do call themselves the sons of the Eagle, who is shown as a Bird of Prey, as pirate of the Mediterranean Sea or the so called Sea people for the Egyptians, because they were coming from the North to Egypt and they have brought there maybe many of their symbols.In history we know that the outsiders from other Mediterranean countries have come and ruled Egypt and taken over the country untill one Egypt Pharaon did fight against the outsiders who left by the see or by the land via Sinai and Cannan, the present Israel and Leban. Who were these enigmatic people who maybe were responsible for the symbols that we find in the Ancient Egypt? Were they Pelasgians (present Albanians)? Where do the so called Jew come from? Are they a group of the Sea People who colonized Egypt? Are the ark,eagle some of the symbols that were used in Egypt by the Sea People? This is still a mystery? Maybe the symbols that we call now Egyptian are not Egyptian but of the Sea People,the nonEgyptians,the Pagans Pelasgians.
Same thing is with the Greek myths.They were just Pelasgian Pagan Myths and words and people.Where did they come from? East or West of the Mediterranean Sea which has the shape of an open Eye with Nile as a line in the bottom of it. Look the Eye of Ra design.Isn't interesting?

Present Albanian words and meaning which were used in the Ancient Egypt are some of these;

Dua = love = adore = worship (look at the hands symbol)
Ka= I have or Ka = Caw (look at the U-shape of the symbol)
Lot = Lotus or Lot = tears(look at the flower shape symbol)
Ankth = Ankh = Fear = trouble life(look at the Key symbol)
Ba = father or Ba = I do or I create(look at the Bird symbol)
Kartush = Cartouche = box ( look at the shape of symbol)
Arka= ark which is Barka for boat also (look the symbol)
Lyra or lira= laret (cobra) musical instrument(look the symbol)
Uje= Udjat = watery eye = crying (similar with Wadjet)
Vajton=Wadjet = crying eye (look at the symbol)
Ore = Hour or Ar = gold (for Horus or God symbol)
Shut= Shot ,like you shout something (father,look symbol)

Mut is also use in Albania as a word, but it was used in Egypt and shtet = state = land part is an Albanian word also use in Israel still. Eagle of Albania has the characteristic of the Vulture and so are the characteristic of Albanians who scare the people when they are as a crowd.
Albanians were and are located everywhere in Mediterranean world and they are called as people of the countries where they live but they are different from them from their genes who are like eagle with the key in the hand, where the key is Life, which they can take or bring to that land. It is not coincidence that all word Alban and Alba in every place where people landed first were called with this name. Alban were called the first cities where the men landed in Italy, France,England,Americas and Australia.Rome was created by the men who created an dlived in Alban hills near Rome. Eagle symbol is everywhere in the Europe and America.It is the symbol of the Vulture which was even an ancient bird like flying dragon who did even eat humans called Roc, Simurgh, Saēna or Angha from the myth of Zal (Albino Aryan child) left alone in the mountain Alborz or "High Watchpost", which was protected by the raptor or phoenix, a mythological bird, said to be the only one of its kind, which lives for 500 years and then dies by burning to ashes on a pyre of its own making, ignited by the sun. It then arises anew from the ashes. This means that the Phoenix hold the Key of the Life,that open the Underworld gate,the Death door and the key of the Upperworld gate,Rebirth door. It is very interesting to see that art of Ancient Egypt show a Phoenix holding in its hands two keys which we see also in the Vatican's Flag also.
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