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Happy Summer's Day/Gëzuar Ditën e Verës

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Happy Summer's Day/Gëzuar Ditën e Verës Empty Happy Summer's Day/Gëzuar Ditën e Verës

Post  AuLoNa Sat Mar 14, 2009 11:36 am

Today March 14, is known also as "Dita e Verës" or "Summer's Day" converted now in a favorably national feast and in a public holiday. "Dita e Verës" or "Summer's Day" symbolizes awakening from the winter sleep and rebirth of all the nature and the human spirit. Is a ancient pagan feast celebrated in times in the city of Elbasan, now this feast has been converted in a feast celebrated all over the country. "Dita e Verës" or "Summer's Day" has it's flair as a massive feast, with its ritual and characteristics , with bold games, celebration in the family setting, the unique decor where flowers dominate the scenery, but also deserts like "ballokumet" that characterize this day.
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