Poems dedicated to Albanians and their heroes

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Poems dedicated to Albanians and their heroes

Post  ZEUS10 on Tue Feb 24, 2009 4:10 pm

In 1576, Jacques Delavardin published in Paris Histoire de Georges Castriot, surnommé Scanderberg (sic), surely based on Barleti and Bardhi's books (see below). The famous poet Pierre de Ronsard (1524-1585) wrote as the preface to the book a sonnet dedicated to Delavardin, portraying Skanderbeg as follows (quote from Alexandre Zotos (Ed.) Anthologie de la prose albanaise. Fayard, 1984):

Scanderbeg, haineux du peuple Scythien
Qui de toute l'Asie a chassé l'Evangile.
O très-grand Epirote ! Ô vaillant Albanois !
Dont la main a défait les Turcs vingt et deux fois

" And Scanderbeg, hating the Scythian people
Which from all Asia has expelled the Gospel.
O! Mighty Epirote! O! valiant Albanian!
Whose hand defeated the Turks twenty-two times"

The American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882) wrote in his Tales of a Wayside Inn (quoted by Smith :

The crescent banner falls
And the crowd beholds instead
Like a portent in the sky
Iskander's banner fly
The Black Eagle with double head


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